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Kitchen Valance Cheater Style | Tutorial

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Last week we shared a DIY for throw pillow covers created from a drapery panel, today we are going to share how we used a little more of that panel for a window valance in the kitchen!

If you recall, this is the original panel, which we cut about 19 inches off the bottom of, for the pillow covers.

For today's project, we are cutting a 16 inch length off across the entire top of the panel.  This will give us a finished valance of about 15 inches which is perfect for our window.  We have no need for privacy on this window as it faces the forest, but a little colour and softness is always nice!

We are calling this Cheater Style as we are able to utilize the existing top edge of the panel.  Yes we are just adding a hem, wink!

In preparation for sewing a hem, I pressed a half inch edge along the bottom of the fabric.

Then I folded over another half inch and pressed it again.  This will give us a nice finished edge.

Next, I pinned the hem into place.

Some quick stitching and it is done!

Again I am no seamstress, so it isn't perfect, but it will definitely do the trick!

We repurposed an old white tension rod by giving it a quick coat of satin nickel metallic spray paint (Rustoleum from the Home Depot).  The rod could be a little thcker, but it will do for now.  We had both the rod and the spray paint and when you are an hour away from a store you just make do!

To put the valance on the rod, you want to ensure that the beginning and end of the valance are closest to the window, so you do not have a gap or winged effect.

All in all we are doing great with our $50. drapery panel; so far we have two throw pillow covers and a window valance!  We still have an L shaped piece of fabric left; measuring 52 x 40 inches and 31 x 41 inches - wonder what it wants to be? ;)

Stay tuned for more kitchen posts, it needs new lighting and a new ceiling for starters.  Plus counters and something done wit the cabinets - new, revamped, painted - who knows!

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