Thursday, 29 October 2015

Practicing our Planking

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Remember when we shared our new kitchen cabinet pulls, here?   Well you also got a peek at our stained and damaged kitchen ceiling, in this picture where we were showing off the new above the range microwave. Beautiful, right? lol!

Well, when we were figuring out what to do with it I mentioned to Ian that I have been really loving the look of planked ceilings.  Then I proceeded to show him the several examples that I have in my Pinterest board of home inspiration .

Lucky for me, he was on board!  We started figuring out a budget and a time frame of when we should tackle this project.  Ideally we would have liked to finish this project before Ian returned to work, after his holidays.

However, (yup that is a big word for but!) something came up!  That is pretty typical in home renos and DIY life, isn't it?  You just gotta roll with it though.

Shortly, after we moved in we noticed a wet spot on the carpet of the soon to be guest room.  This room was quite easily the ugliest room in the house, but we were hoping to just give it a little paint and maybe some new lighting and get it usable super quickly so that our older children could use it whenever they wanted to come for a visit.  Notice the 1980's vertical blinds, ugly paneled walls and 1' x 1' tiles on the ceiling. And wow is it dark! Although, on a positive note, the carpet was decent and in good shape!

ugly guest room
A random wet spot on  the carpet is odd, am I right?  Well, we knew there was no water coming from the adjoining bathroom, a quick check there turned up nothing.  And then we looked up, yup you guessed it the ceiling was wet too.  Bear in mind, the ceiling was already in rough shape, and  did warrant investing some time and money into - we just didn't plan on it being at this exact time.

As Ian pulled out a few tiles to get a look into the space between the upper floor and the lower level ceiling, we noticed a smell, too.  Great!  Turns out the previous home owners had a mouse problem, a significant one by the looks of it.  Thankfully nothing was currently living there, likely due to the nice weather.  But it would have been nice to know this before moving in, or even buying.

Discovering the mouse problem, was the exact moment that Ian started ripping down the old ceiling.  With that cleaned up, he went outside and worked on closing off any gaps in the mortar, window frames, etc. where he thought mice may get back in.

Then it was back to the water problem.  The was also a water stain on the sub-floor of the master bedroom.   Given that there is no plumbing in this area and that it was a small puddle of water, plus there was a rust stain on the carpet above the water mark, we believe that the previous owners had very recently cleaned the carpets and knocked over some water.

Both the floor in the upstairs bedroom and the floor in the lower level guest room dried nicely on their own and there have been no more random wet spots - good news!  There were rust marks on both carpets though, in the master where the bed frame sat next to the wet carpet and in the guest room below where the previous owners had a metal file cabinet.  I scrubbed both areas with CLR and the marks came out, with no damage to the carpets.  Though if you are gong tot try this, I would recommend doing a test patch somewhere that can be hidden.  I just went for it though, knowing that we would be ripping out the carpets if it didn't come out :)

So basically, what I am getting at, is the guest room mini makeover just got a little bigger.  We decided to plank this ceiling as well as the kitchen, and that we would do this one first as our test planking area.  Which was a good thing as we learned a couple of things since the kitchen is open to the entire main living area and entrance.

First, we need to choose what product we would be buying and Home Depot was our first stop, however they did not have enough in stock and getting it all home (HD is about an hour from us) would be an issue.

Then we went to Jermyn Lumber (our local lumber yard, only about 10 minuets from home).  They showed us a couple of different products and we settled on this tongue and groove pine.

We ordered 830 linear feet of the 1x6 tongue and groove pine planks, it was 69 cents a foot and they delivered it all for only $20.00 the very next day.  This is enough planking for both ceilings.

$20.00 bucks people, that is CHEAP delivery!

And then the work began!

We began by priming the paneling on the walls. They are slated to be removed and new dry wall added but that project is being put off for a long while now. 

Then Ian began planking the ceiling, we decided that we wanted each plank to run the full length of the ceiling so we wouldn't have any joining to do and thus less caulking etc. to do at the end.  We ordered our planks with that in mind and requested them all to be slightly longer than the length of the ceiling.

Ian used a nail gun and popped in a few nails along the tongue of each piece to secure the planks.

It was great to see it come together, if you stood just under the section that was planked you could get a feel for what it was going to be like once it was done!

Notice how he butted the planks up to the wall, leaving a small gap.  This will allow us to remove the paneling and slide in drywall down the road. 

Here is another view for you.  Do you notice how the primed walls and cleaner ceiling already brighten up this once dreary room?

As Ian worked across the room, he removed each of the two ugly fluorescent light fixtures. Then he installed a junction box for a new fixture (the house has had no junction boxes for any fixtures we have changed thus far) so that it would be centered over the bed.

Once the planking was done Ian added a 3/8" x 3" MDF trim around all four sides of the room.

After that everything got 2 coats of primer, we used Kilz.

And two coats of ceiling paint.

Here you can get a sneak peak of the paint colour, "Revere Pewter" by Benjamin Moor - although it is a Home Depot colour match.

Why yes we are still missing some door trim!  We sort of decided to replace it after we had painted and reinstalled most of it.  So that is where that project stopped!

We will have more to share on this room soon.  Like the new lighting and new bed!  Oh and hopefully door trim ;) !  But boy does this room look, and smell, so much better already!

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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