Monday, 9 November 2015

Dining Room Lighting

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We have a really quick share today. One of the first light fixtures that we changed out in our new (to us) home, was the one over the dining table.  There really wasn't anything wrong with it, we actually gave it to a friend.  It just wasn't what we wanted in this house.  We are looking for lighter and brighter in this house.

We picked up this fixture at the Home Depot, for a really great price (after blowing the budget ordering lighting for the kitchen, ha!).  It was only $100.00.  It wasn't quite what we were looking for but it was so close and the price point helped to bring us a little closer to our lighting budget so it was a go! Originally we were looking for a slightly taller drum shade with none of the fixture showing below the shade.

This is a picture (albeit a bad Iphone shot) of the previous light fixture) as we mentioned, nothing really wrong with it, just not for us.

We have always managed to find just what we are looking for in lighting for almost any room for about $100.00 so this fixture was pretty standard for us.

Ian had to install a junction box prior to installing the new light fixture, I think we have mentioned this previously but there hasn't been a junction box in any room we have swapped out the lighting so far.

We do not really have a lot to do in this room, but we have a bit more to share about it soon. Although, on the long term list, the table needs refinishing and new chairs may be in order ;) .

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