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Drop Cloth Advent Bags | Tutorial


Today we are sharing some super simple DIY Advent bags, created using some drop cloth fabric - yes we are still using up that first drop cloth we picked up a while back!

The first step to creating these bags was to determine the height that we wanted them to be, we figured 8 inches was a good size.

Utilizing  the pre-hemmed edged on the drop cloth, we cut a strip that was 8.5 inches tall, allowing a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

We repeated this step using as many pre-hemmed edges from the drop cloth as possible.  This saved the step of  finishing the tops of the bags.

 Next we cut the strips into sections

We actually ended up creating two different sizes of bags, most of them are 6 inches wide.

Folding the fabric in half and cutting along the 6 inch mark, means only one side and the bottom need to be sewn together.

After cutting one bag, I layered it on top of the strip of fabric and used it to eyeball the cutting for the rest of the bags.

It only took a few minutes to get a stack of advent bags cut.

Some of the sections ended up being about 1.5 inches narrower, it seemed a waste not to use the end cuts, so we went with it.

The stitching part was super quick, too.  After folding each segment in half (right sides together), I stitched down the side and along the bottom.

Prior to turning the bags right side out, I snipped off the corners for a tidier look.

This is what they looked like once the stitching was complete.

24 little bags all stacked up, love that!

This whole process of cutting and sewing only took me an hour for all 24 bags, so super quick and easy! Creating these bags in assembly line fashion helped to save time.

I gave some thought to how I wanted to add the numbers to the bags.  I thought of creating a printable or a paper crafted tag, but in the end, I wanted something that would stand the test of time and not require any work in future years.  So I decided to stitch the numbers on with fine crochet yarn.   Embroidery floss would work well, too.

I sketched each number on with a pencil and then stitched over that using a back-stitch technique.

I loved the look!

1-2-3 .... 24! Done!

I won't lie the stitching took a while. Two hours of TV time to be exact, but it was easy, fun(ish) and it looks amazing!

Here they are all complete.

I left them laying stacked up for a bit, just to admire them! haha!

Now they are all ready for filling!

Our youngest has had a homemade Advent calendar for several years now.  His previous one had tiny little drawers that were basically just big enough for a Lindt chocolate ball - he didn't love them - but we did!

This new Advent Calendar allows us to tuck in small toys, candy etc.

The surprises were tucked into the bags after being wrapped in tissue and then I tied them with pretty red and white bakers twine. Then they were stacked up in an antique rec centre basket. I love the way this looks. 

 I may decide to add a bow to it.

A few of the books and gifts were too large for the bags (mostly due to their packaging), so they got wrapped up.  There is a little note inside of each corresponding bag directing our son to ask mom for a surprise that day.  I think I will keep these hidden out of site so that he can't guess what he might be getting!

We are already for December (can you believe it is less than a week away).  For now these pretty little bags are all hidden away. They will show up on December first, along with our Elf on the Shelf!

We love traditions! They add to the magic of the season, and help to keep it alive for kids that are getting older!

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Ian and Laura

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