Monday, 30 November 2015

Guest Room Reveal

Hi there!

Ian has been super busy working on the guest room and we can officially say that it is all ready for guests!

This room was quite honestly the ugliest room in the house.  The horrible stained ceiling, ugly paneled walls and nasty fluorescent lighting, all needed to go. We felt bad that any one would have to sleep in here.  So it became a priority.

If you recall, we shared in this post the planking of the ceiling in this room.

The bed and mattress are new, but the almost all of the other furniture was re-purposed from other rooms in previous homes. The head board is quite tall and the mattress sits a little higher than usual.

The paneled walls, were painted in "Revere Pewter" by Benjamin Moore. It really freshened them up!  As with the rest of the house, this room is done in cream and grey.

We will share the information on the blinds later on but, the drapes were a pair we used in a previous home.  However, they were shortened for this room.  Normally we are not fans of short draperies but it was sort of necessary for this room.  The use of fabric on the windows helps to soften the room.

There is a wicker chair and a reading lamp.  The dresser holds some spare linens but has room for guest to use, as well.

We found a reproduction peanut jar, which is perfect for corralling toiletries that guests may need.

A small wardrobe is also available for guests.

The bedskirt is a DIY project that was a little tricky due to the footboard.  In the end, we created it in two pieces, the sides are attached to a centre panel that sits under the mattress as usual, and the piece at he foot of the bed, is held in place by velcro.

Although, this room is in the basement, the window is large and provides good light.


All in all, this room is one of our favourites, it has come a long way!

The light fixture came from Home Depot, we loved the cottagey look it offers.  It was only $80. and it looks great with the planked ceiling.

Now we just need to hang the art (etc.) we have saved for this room!  That will help to pull in some of the green from the rest of the house, too.  Maybe next weekend!

There is an adjoining half bath (we will share it another day), which needs a makeover but it is functional.  We would like to add a shower to it as soon as it fits into the budget.  This is a priority as we only have one full bath in the house.

Thank you for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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