Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Planked Kitchen Ceiling


We have finished planking the kitchen ceiling, do you recall we mentioned that we wanted to do this in this post,  and we shared this picture of the damage to the ceiling once we took down the old lighting.

Here is another look at our ceiling of shame from another angle.

We briefly debated planking right over the old ceiling but decided for our kitchen pulling the old ceiling down was a better choice.

Before we began pulling down the ceiling, Ian taped up plastic to cover the openings to the other rooms on the main floor to contain most of the mess.  This worked great!

Then he started pulling the old drywall sheets from the ceiling, they came down pretty easily. AS you can see, some of it came down in big chunks.

 We filled up totes with the smaller pieces and carted the debris outside.  Later on Ian took it all to the dump.

There was a fair amount of dust and smaller chunks on the floor.

I was in charge of corralling as much mess as possible!

When we were done with the demo, we were left with a clean slate to start from.

As luck would have it, the beams were going in the perfect direction for the way we wanted to run the planks.

After a couple of planks went up, we had to stop and admire his work ;) !

As he planked across the ceiling, Ian relocated the wiring for the lighting so that is was centered over the island. He also added a junction box.

After running all the planks, he added 1/2" x 3" trim, caulked all around them and then applied a coat of Killz primer and 2 coats of ceiling paint.

It really brightens up the whole space, we are completely loving it, it turned out as great as we imagined it!

Just wait until we add lighting, it will be really great then!

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Ian and Laura

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