Thursday, 19 November 2015

Kitchen Lighting

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Today we are sharing our new kitchen lighting with you.  Do you remember in this post we said that we have always been able to find lighting that we like for about $100.00 well this time we splurged a bit.

We have been long time lovers of the old school house style fixtures, we had some in our previous home, picked up from Home Depot on budget.  They were traditional with an antiqued and dark bronze metal and white shades.

However, we recently came across a bit of a modern spin on these fixtures here.  We loved that they were available in a white metal (satin nickel) with clear shades.

They take the funky retro LED bulbs, which are so pretty.

And although theses bulbs come with a $25.00 a piece price tag, they give great light and are supposed to last for 10 years, plus they look amazing in these fixtures.

All total led these fixtures and bulbs came in at around $500.00, so still not terrible all things considered, and we really love how they look with the other fixtures that are on the main floor.  No to mention they look fabulous with the newly planked ceiling!!

We are down to one more fixture change to do in the main living areas, but we still have yet to find the right one.   I am sure in time, it will show up on our shopping travels!

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