Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Living Room Sneak Peek

Hi there!

We thought we would share a bit of the living room today.  it is not really complete but we wanted to give you a sneak peek!

This is what it looked like shortly after we moved in, thee were still a few boxes kicking around and it was lacking some important furniture pieces.

The one chair in the room was actually bought for our bedroom years ago but doesn't fit into our room here, the table and dry sink and tv were from our last living room.  We gave our old sofa and what not to our older boys that moved into their own place at the same time as our move.

We were intending to go grey, green and oatmeal in the new living room.  Ideally we were looking for a grey sofa at Ikea, however the one we liked best was oatmeal, so that ended up being the main colour in our room with grey and green accents.  The drapes and area rug are re-purposed from our old home, too. And while I love the drapes I am not sold on them here (time will tell if they stay or not).  The walls were already a soft oatmeal / cream colour so they will work for now.  We love how bright the make the space, but we will see if they need warming up after a Canadian winter!

There are a few things on our wish list, such as; blinds to filter but not eliminate the light, a side table beside the sofa (I am wishing for soothing round and maybe paint-able). more art, cord control and of course, some throw pillows which we have done and shared in this post.  I also have something in mind to reduce the visual clutter of the cookbooks under the tv.  You can also get a glimpse of the entrance way light fixture, it also needs replacing as it doesn't suit our decor vision.

The wicker trunk / ottoman / coffee table was an antique store find.  We had been looking at them at Ikea and Pier 1,  etc., however their price points were quite high for the quality of the pieces. Although, the Ikea one was only about $70. it wasn't the best quality - not quite square and very rickety.  This one was $40.00.  After a really good clean in the driveway with some Dawn dishsoap and a scrub brush we let it dry and then gave it two coats of clear spray paint. We love the look and the height, it is perfect for holding a drink! Not to mention the added bonus of storage space!

Thanks for visiting, we can't wait to share more with you!