Thursday, 5 November 2015

Mini Entryway Makeover

Hi there!

We have started working on the entryway (yes, we really need to get out of the habit of working on every space all at the same time!).   The entryway is quite small - we have always wanted a home with a large entry but we keep buying homes with small ones - I guess if we have to give up space, the entrance is not a bad place to do it, as it is not a space that everyone uses together all the time.

Anyway, do you recall in this post, when we were painting the outside shutters and doors, I mentioned that I wanted to have the insides of the doors match the outside to bring some of the colour in? Well that is just what we did!

We matched this colour from our china cabinet because we love it so much, it is super calm and soothing.

Potting Moss - Behr

Here is what the interior of the front door looks like now with a fresh coat of paint.

It is so mice to have a big old pop of colour right here. We do not know why we waited all these years to add colour to the inside of our doors!

Because this space is small, but also needed storage especially for shoes, we picked up this shoe cabinet from Ikea, it is very narrow so it is just perfect for this small space.

It also offers a bit of counter space for sunglasses to be dropped. (The antique scales are from Ian's collection, we put some of the green ones on the main floor.)

The chalkboard / key hooks came from Home Depot.  At about $15.00 it is an inexpensive solution to having to find missing keys all the time!

The wall that faces this is getting a set of hooks, which will be a small DIY project.  We will share that when it is finished.  Right now, we are debating which colour to paint the wood board the hooks will be secured to.  Green like the door, white like the furniture or antiqued and distressed off-white like the hooks.

Still on the wish list, as mentioned in this post about the living room is a new light fixture for this space.  You can get a little peek at the existing fixture in the photo below.

I am thinking of this fixture from Home Depot, it is available online only.

But it is going to have to wait for a while, we need to get the oven fixed before Christmas, the dishwasher doesn't work either and Ian would really love a snowblower (did we mention the driveway is 2300 square feet?).

We are toying with a new, prettier and less utilitarian entrance mat too, but the one we have is so large and absorbent plus you can drag it out to the driveway and hose it off if need be. Always a plus with a dog!

So glad you visited us today!

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