Thursday, 12 November 2015

Reason #13 Kabillion Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent

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When it comes to buying and selling homes we have always done our research, and our homework.  We (meaning mostly Ian) works really hard to get our homes "market ready", finishing off projects, carting "junk" to a storage locker, running a million errands and I am really great at cleaning the same thing over and over again! LOL!  Sometimes several times a day depending on how many showings we get a day! Thankfully most of our homes have sold in under a week so I cannot really complain.

We have always used an agent, a really great agent, but for this last move we didn't.  It was out of our agent's area and we got a sense that the sellers wanted to do a private sale and we were happy to do that, too.  But in hindsight, we probably should have used one.  And here is reason #13 kabillion why. (Because there have been others.)  Each time we have purchased or sold a home the selling agent has the sellers fill out a questionnaire  about the appliance and HVAC systems,  speaking to how well they are functioning.  Well we did not get that with this house and quite honestly did not think to question them.  We know this is our failing and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Using an agent is like someone having your back.

We knew the dishwasher was an older model and everything else was newer.  As in replaced in the last year, new.  I was able to overlook that the dishwasher idn't match, and if you know me you know that is a big deal!  Well guess what, the dishwasher ran but didn't clean, at all.  Even spoons used for stirring tea came out dirty.  And this self proclaimed germ-a-phobe loves her dishwasher. 

We were planning on replacing it, DOWN THE ROAD.  But last weekend was as good a time as any apparently!  Ian found a great deal on this baby:

OOOHH shiny! :)  He picked it up at Costco for $500., it is available  in stock only and not online.  Home Depot wants about $720., and Lowes wants about $800. for the same model. Which is a Samsung #DW80J3020U.  That is pretty much a "start the car!" moment!  So if you are in the need for a dishwasher, you will definitely have to check this one out.  So far we are loving it, it holds a ton of plates and it is super quiet too!  The only feature that it doesn't have that would have been nice is the delay wash setting.  But really by the time we clean up from dinner it is already getting close to "of-peak" time for hydro usage anyway.  So the lack of the delay option is not a big deal.

Ian brought the new dishwasher home with him last Friday and had it installed within a couple of hours, not bad considering he fixed the stove first and we had dinner!  I guess he really didn't want to do dishes! LOL!

Now for the stove, it is a Maytag with a double oven, which we loved, we have had one for about a dozen years now and they are great!  The small upper oven is super energy efficient.  You can sort of get a look at the stove in this photo we took when we took a second look at this house.

But, guess what when we went to use the lower over, it did not work!  Thankfully this is a DIY job, we just had to locate a part.  Which we found at a little mom and pop appliance shop nearby.  It was about $60. so not too bad.  It definitely could have been a lot worse.

Boy, did we have big plans for this kitchen, but we are continuously having to sink money into things that we think we already own, like ceilings and appliances!  The more that goes wrong, the more creative we are going to have to be to bring a look together that we love.  We were thinking we would be replacing the whole kitchen next year, but that is becoming less likely all the time.  We have been brainstorming creative ways to spruce up this room, you will have to stay tuned to see what we decide on!

Thanks for checking in with us today!

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