Thursday, 3 December 2015

A New Door and Exterior Seasonal Decor


We know it really wasn't that long ago that we shared our mini entrance way makeover, however some unforeseen circumstances meant we did another mini make over on the same space!  Oops!  The other weekend Ian accidentally locked himself out which necessitated in him breaking into the house. Yikes!

So as a result he decided to get some new lock-sets, and finally install the key-less entry system we bought BEFORE we took possession of the house (because we know we are bad with keys!).  Look at that pretty hardware!

I chimed in my two cents and suggested we replace the old door, it was original to the house and was quite dinged up, even though we attempted to freshen it up with a coat of new paint.

I picked out this one from Home Depot, it was regularly $424 but was on sale for 15% off when Ian went to pick it up.  Which should have brought it in at $361 before taxes.  However, it rang in at $267! START THE CAR!

Ian painted the new door inside and out and installed all the new hardware, right away.

I love how much light the new door lets into the house, and our dog loves his new view!  Privacy is not an issue for us so it is just perfect!

Now we have an issue with the old screen door, it blocks too much of our beautiful new door! Typically we are not fans of screen doors altogether, but we really need one here.  We get a lot of shade from the surrounding forest and as a result we hardly have to turn on the air conditioning, opening the windows does the trick most days. So I think a new screen door is going on our wish list.  As is new exterior light fixtures.

This past weekend (do you notice a pattern? - yes we seem to only work on weekends! ha!) we decided to create a seasonal arrangement for our front porch.  The grocery store wanted $50 for theirs which were okay but $50?? 

We snipped a few low lying branches off a pine tree - you know, just giving it a little pruning.  We also pruned a few branches off of a dogwood, they have the best red coloured twigs!  We searched the dead fall in the forest behind our house for some birch twigs, but we had no luck finding some.  We didn't dare trim any from a live tree, birch trees do not live that long and it takes them quite a while to grow so it is not a good idea.

But we did score some other suitable branches, the problem was we really wanted the white colour that a birch branch would offer us.  Enter our trusty can of white spray paint.  We gave the branches just a light coat - not full coverage to give them the look of birch. 

Next we hot glued some store bought pine-cones into the arrangement and wired in a few glittered non breakable ornaments left over from a craft project we did last year.

We love the way it looks, it is big and has a presence, and we only spent $4, the cost of the pine-cones!

We had a few bits left over so we tied them to an antique sled that we use as part of our holiday decor. 

Next up we need some Christmas lights! Soon!

Thank you for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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