Thursday, 31 December 2015

Entryway Coat Hooks

It must seem like (because it sure feels like) we are spending an awful lot of time on our tiny entryway.  It is true, for sure!  I think because it is so small and we need it to be high functioning, we are continuing to strive for the balance between form and function.

I received this beautiful set of hooks from a sweet friend for my last birthday.

We knew they would be perfect in the entryway to hold the jackets, etc. of our guests and especially our older children, when they come to visit.   The newel post is the preferred coat dumping ground until now which only makes this space feel even smaller. 

Ian cut a piece of pine to length and it was my job to paint it.  I must admit that I slacked off and kept forgetting about it.  Finally, I remembered to at lest put it on my to do list, so it actually got done!

We had a debate, should it be stained, painted white and distressed or painted the same as our front door.  We both voted on the front door colour. I only painted the front and four sides, so it was easy, two quick coats.  As you can see, I slapped it up on another hunk of wood and painted it right on top of the freezer.  You can interpret that as the work bench was covered in junk from other projects!

Ian hung it as soon as it was dry, centering it under the barn star that hangs in this space.

When it is full of coats it sort of blocks the light switch to the downstairs stairwell,  However, there are only five steps and there is another switch at the bottom, so it is not a big deal if you do not feel like digging for the switch.

I think we will call this space done, for now ;)

Thanks for visiting and have a super happy and safe New Years Eve!
Ian and Laura

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