Monday, 28 December 2015

Entryway Light Fixture Update

We finally got a new light fixture for the entryway. Which may not sound like that big of a deal except that we could see the old fixture from almost everywhere on the main floor, so it was always in your face!

You can sort of see the old fixture in the photo above.  It isn't meshing with the bright and airy look we are going for.

I had something in mind for this space, but it was sooo not in our price range!  Then I decided I liked this one (pictured below) that I found online from Home Depot which has a price point of about $250. almost half the cost of the one that was my first pick.  I sent Ian the info and he liked it too!

We had to ask ourselves if we loved the other one twice as much, he he.  And the truth is not so much.

Then when Ian was having a look around to make sure we were sold on our second choice, he found it for even less at a local lighting store!  Like for under $200., score!

He snapped it up and brought it home, and had it installed right away.

And boy does it ever make a difference in the space.

Here it is as Ian is installing it, the rings still aren't spaced quite right at this point but it is already looking awesome!

And here it is all lit up after it is hung!  The brushed nickel colour is a perfect match for the rest of the fixtures on the main floor.

And with the lights off.

A little close up.

Lights out close up.

A little pic from below.

It is just so pretty, from every angle, and so perfect for our vision. 

We also worked on another project for this tiny little space, which we will be sharing soon!

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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