Thursday, 17 December 2015

Everyday China Cabinet

Hello there!

When we moved into this house, we simplified a bit of our everyday living.  Beginning with choosing not to unpack all our china (over the years we have had several sets given to us, which we paired down to 3 sets over the past 5 years}.

When we moved here we had less storage for kitchen stuff and china; that coupled with the desired to have an airier and more open look prompted us to leave it all in the packing boxes.
We have this beautiful old pine cabinet that Ian inherited from work about 15 years ago.  He originally brought it home to use as storage in the garage.  It was filthy and stained and dusty and did we say dirty?  There was no way it was coming into the house!

Then he spent 6 weeks cleaning it up, painting areas where the stains would not budge (and painting some more areas to balance out the look), and then he added glass to the upper doors.

And guess what happened, you bet!  It came inside and has been loved ever since.

We really wish that we could still get this paint, but we were able to at least colour match it recently to use it elsewhere in this home.

Now it houses our everyday dishes and wine glasses. Even our crystal is still in boxes, we are much more content with dishware that we can take out on the back deck and not stress about things getting knocked over by a running dog or flying ball.

There is even a little space for a few seasonal ornaments :)  The moral of the story? Don't discount what a little elbow grease and a can of paint can do!

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Ian and Laura

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