Monday, 7 December 2015

Holiday Decor and Free Printable Art

Hello there!

We have been busy getting the house ready for the holidays, doing a bit at a time and enjoying the process!  Today we are sharing a bit of our decor with you and we are offering some free printable art!

Here is a look at one of our 10 free printables!  Each one should be fine to print up to an 8x10 size, we wanted to keep things pretty simple for home printers.  We have been using printables as part of our seasonal decor for a little while now and thought it was about time we created 1 (or 10) of our own!

We started with putting up the kids tree with our youngest, using all of the ornaments that have been collected for them since our oldest was born in 1989.  He asked if he could inherit all of them when we die! He loves Christmas! Maybe more than he loves us! haha!  The kids tree is in our family room, which we have not touched in our renovation process yet.  It feels funny decorating in there because the room is so not us yet, but in the same regard it was nice to put more of our things into it.

The next room we decorated was the guest room, adding just a few simple touches like the wooden bead garland to the bed.

A bowl of golden apples to the night stand.

Some vintage carolers to the top of the wardrobe. 


Where we also hung our old advent calendar on the door knob.


And finally, pretty light up angel that was gifted to us adorns the dresser.

Then we headed back out into the family room and set up this little Pinterest inspired vignette , the quote was printed on our home printer and "aged" with some ink.  We love this look!

You will likely notice that our family room is darker and boasts more antique pieces than our living room.  In our old home, we had a large antique collection and are currently trying to balance the pieces that we kept with the bright and airy lake house look we are  now going for.   We think we have just decided to go a little darker in the family room, this is where we curl up and watch movies so it seems like a better idea than light and bright, maybe a little more of a cabin look.  We have some ideas we are throwing around so we shall see!

This cabinet is super pretty and old and even still has the original float glass, it made the initial cut as far as going onto the antiques "keep list" but it is going to need to be re-homed as there is just no where for it in the long term design plan.

Sometimes just adding in a few pinecones and glass ornaments to an existing candle urn helps bring it into the season.  You will have to ignore all the plaid blankets on the furniture in the family room, it is our lame attempt at dog proofing them! ha!

We picked up this sign at Homesense a few years back for only $15.00, they are a great source for inexpensive holiday decor which we layered over this old window frame.  They both hang in our entryway.

The shoe cabinet in the entryway got a little staging as well, the art piece was made last year and a quaich that gifted to us many years ago got a little dressing up too.

This is the ledge that overlooks the entryway,  it is the perfect spot for these festive little tea light holders.

Usually we have a second tree for the "grown ups" ornament collection, but that likely isn't going to happen this year, so we pulled out a few ornament to dress up the living and dining rooms.

A pretty little dish holds some red balls for a pop of holiday colour.

The dry sink holds some sparkling ornaments and an "old" Santa print.

This mercury glass acorn is a favourite of ours, and another Hoemsense score! 

This shiny bulldog is out all year long, but at the holidays he receives a pretty red bow - we just can't resist!

We put some of our favourite ornament into a crystal bowl on the dining table - we figured they shouldn't all be stuck in a box during the holidays!

The bowl sits below the dining room light, from which another ornament was hung.

And now for your free printables, as we mentioned you have 10 to choose from.  Here are the sneak peaks and links to our download page for the full sized jpegs. 

 click here to downloa

Thank you so much for sticking with us today in this super photo heavy post!
Ian and Laura

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