Thursday, 10 December 2015

Starting on the Bedrooms


We can honestly say that the renos and revamps on this house are taking much longer than any house we have owned - and we have almost completely gutted 2 homes!  Both times we gave our selves a three month window from start to move in ready.  This house thankfully was move in ready but there seems to be a never ending "to do" list and with that many ways to spend our money, ha!

We finally started on the main floor bedrooms, well our youngest sons room to be exact, the master has in fact not been touched at this point.  So our boy's room was bright yellow, and while it wasn't an awful colour and he didn't dislike it, it did not coordinate with anything we had for his room, and as you know it is much cheaper to paint than buy all new!

Before moving in we upgraded our son from a twin to a double bed, since he shares with our dog and they are both growing :)  As you can see this room has great light!  It is lovely and airy in the summer months with a nice view of the woods behind us.  We may have mentioned but normally we are not ceiling fan fans,hehe, but we used them a lot last summer and rarely needed the A/C because of said woods. So they stay.

This is the colour that we picked for this room, it is called Faded Denim by Benjamin Moore, it is a nice airy warm blue and coordinates well with many other colours.

And this is how it looks on the walls.  As you can see we are working on hanging some art in this space, we will share that soon.  (Unfortunately all of these photos were taken at nigh time.)

Another view, the paint looks great against the white trim.

There is a fun alcove on the right side of the room.  It is actually a little bigger than it looks in this photo. We have some fun plans for this space.

Think along this line, but wall to wall.  We are pretty excited to start on it. However, (that is a big word for but) we need to remove the carpet and install new flooring first.  We know the previous home owner put new flooring in the living room and dining room within the last year so we sourced out the same flooring and unfortunately it is discontinued, so now we are playing the matching game!  Ian found something close and that might just have to be good enough.

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Ian and Laura

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