Thursday, 28 January 2016

Sun Porch Wishlist

We are dreaming of Spring and starting more projects on the exterior of our home.  We have a tiny little sun porch that is a nice shady spot to sit and while away some summery afternoon hours, or hide from bugs on a hot summer night.  It has a lovely view of the woods, but it is in need of a bit of a cosmetic face-lift.

The photos below show the space from two angles.

The window behind the chairs is actually the kitchen window, normally it would have a screen but it sort of acts as a bit of a pass through ;)

The white screen door leads to the laundry room.  This photo was taken standing outside of the exterior door (also a screen door)  it leads to our deck which has patio doors to the dining room.  Accessing this space through the laundry room is nice when it is rainy or buggy.  On the left side of the sun porch (which you cannot see in this photo) is another wall of screened windows just like the one straight ahead, in the above picture.

WE have been gathering ideas and inspiration for the space over the winter.  We would like to paint the entire space out white like this space shown below. Although we need to figure out if we should paint out the portion of the exterior wall of the house that sits inside the sun porch. Hmmm.

Actually we would like a built in bench seat as shown above too, possibly with a hinged top for storage.

The carpet in our space has seen better days so it needs replacing, with  kids and pets running around we are leaning towards a painted floor, possibly like this

or this.

And we kind of have our hearts set on painting the ceiling out a contrasting colour like this 

or this

We also need to replace the screens on the windows, which is not too upsetting because we would really like to use the screen that you can seen through better.

Both screen doors need replacing too (as does the one on the front of the house).  We found a couple of DIY ideas like this

and this.

But we also like this for $99 at Home Depot here.

We would like to add in some lanterns for evening light. Like these

We have a few sets of these outdoor string lights that may make a good addition to this space, strung back and forth across the ceiling in a zigzag fashion.

We also need to replace the existing light fixture, find a small scale dining table (maybe something vintage) and look for fabric to recover chair pads, possible bench seating and cushion covers.

Not much right? Ha ha!  Well it's good to dream about it anyway!

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Ian and Laura

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