Thursday, 4 February 2016

Attempting to Style the Dry Sink

You know how sometimes you can look at something and not love it but ignore and other times it just needs to be fixed ASAP.  Well, we have had this dry sink for a few years now; it is an antique piece in 'rustic' condition. It has served different purposes over the last few years, and while we love it, it is challenging to style because of the recessed top.  It has sat like this (photo above) since we moved into our home back in August.  Not really loving it, but not knowing what to do with it either.

Then one day, it went from meh, to need to fix this now! So we spent a bit of time, trying to make our dry sink look a little nicer.

This is where are at today with it.  It is not finished but it is a good start and at least it doesn't aggravate us to look at it! ha!  It is a little fresher and we love the different heights of the elements.

To address a portion of the recessed area, we painted up this little wooden box we had kicking around.  Gave it a little back sanding and then rubbed it with some dark walnut stain.  Everything  we had on hand so that = free, which is great!

The plant has lived here for a while and likes it here because it gets lots of sun, and it is not at risk of being knocked over by our dog so we worked around it.  On a side note, we do not have green thumbs at all, but we have had a piece of this plant since we were married so we try hard not to kill it like every other plant we have owned! It does have pretty good height though so that is nice.

This mini off white cake plate was pulled out of a cupboard to sit upon the now green box.

We love this large tarnished gold clock and how it sits above the dry sink. Just a pop of rustic glam.  We bought it a few years back for a fraction of the original cost because it wasn't working.  We figured Ian could fix it, but if not it was still pretty.  It works now :)

The floral print was in a closet for forever.  Part of a trio we picked up on clearance for about $2 at IKEA a million years ago.  This one has been in the packaging ever since then.  The other two live in our guest room now, in green frames (you can see them here).

The frame was also from IKEA, purchased at the same time and yes still in the package. It was naked and boring, so it got a super quick coat of gold spray paint (leftover from another project) then we back sanded it to remove the shine and rubbed it with the dark walnut stain as well.

It turned out great, it definitely looks gold but in a quiet way.  :)

The "all you need is love and the lake" sign was DIY'ed from a re-purposed frame which we spray painted black and removed the backing.  The phrase was cut from vinyl with a Silhouette and adhered to the front of the glass.  The glass was then hot glued to the frame to hold it in position.  All that = free, too!

We are currently enjoying just leaning "art" pieces against one another.  It offers nice dimension and no commitment ;)

Here is a refresher of the before, it is definitely an improvement.  A free one at that!

The little cake plate needs something on it maybe. Hmmmm.

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