Thursday, 18 February 2016

DIY Coastal Candle Urn | Tutorial

Things on the DIY front have been super quiet, so many other things are consuming our weekends.  I did do a little crafting this week though.  I made more Mason Jar Lid coasters,  after test driving the first batch for a month and really loving them, we decided we wanted some for the family room, too.

I also gave a coastal spin to some dollar store vases.

I picked up the vases for $2 each before New Year's to hold some balloons that our son wanted to put on the buffet table.  I had some Jute Twine left over from another project, so the wheels got spinning.

Instead of putting the vases into a cupboard / the black hole of no return, I decided to wrap them with the twine to give them a relaxed coastal sort of look. 

I started out by hot gluing the end of the twine to the vase and then I wrapped a piece of Washi tape around the vase to give me a visual straight line and help me keep the twine level.  Then I wrapped it around about nine times and added another bead of hot glue.

I love candle holders in all varieties, but the urn style always feels that little bit safer.

I am loving the way that these turned out!

 Come the summer we can use these on the deck without worry that the wind will constantly blow out the candles.  Ah summer, so looking forward to that!

Now I am off to find a place to display these babies!

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