Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Some New Pieces for the Living Room

We picked up a couple of new pieces for the living room, recently.

We found this pretty little table at a small home decor store that we spotted while on our way to the ER with our youngest last week.  We just can't help but to look at shop windows when we are driving through a new area!  We went back a couple of days later to scope out the shop and loved it.  It will definitely be on our list of places to check often.

If you recall this is the table that was in this spot, we thought it was just a little too large and chunky to sit in front of the window.

The new table is a much better fit and we love that it is round, we were really hoping to be able to find a round one.

It has a great metal base that is super sturdy, it is a gunmetal / graphite grey in colour with just a hint of gold brushed onto a few spots.  Love it!

The top has a really nice patina and is a good solid piece of wood.  Can we just say that we have a major pet peeve with how thin and dry a lot of wood furniture is right now!

We also found this print at Homesense.  We love that it has a lot of greens in ti, the frame is a good colour and it is a lake setting!  It checked off a lot of our wishlist for only $20.00, and it is a numbered print, too!  Gotta love it!

It sits over the table that we moved from in front of the window (to accommodate the new find) to beside the sofa.

The living room is really feeling like it is coming together.  We will have to share a photo of what the room looks like now.  We are really enjoying it, and spending much more time in it than we have in any of our previous living rooms. The light is great so it is good for reading, lingering over morning coffee on the weekends or pre-dinner drinks if we are entertaining.

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