Monday, 28 March 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Alterations

Recently we have made a few alterations to our kitchen cabinets, this first one that we are sharing today ended up being a simple fix, although we did weigh a few options prior to going this route.

The problem started back when we bought the house, we had written into our offer that the previous owners would paint out the kitchen cabinets as well as complete some other jobs that were started but not yet finished around the house.

Well when we moved in we discovered that the kitchen cabinet doors did not shut properly, you actually needed to open the doors on both sides of the cabinets and close them at the same time to get the doors to fully close.

We can tell you that this was a huge nuisance.  And because the doors were rubbing together it was chipping the paint.

And some of the cabinets were no longer aligned at the bottom, which just looked messy, and unprofessional.

Newer cabinetry usually has adjustable hinges , but ours are original to the house and actually in really great condition.  We did toy with replacing them with something that we loved more but really there is nothing wrong with them and we do not hate them, it seems like a waste to throw them out. 

So then we researched new hinges but the "on centre" measurements for cabinet hardware has changed over the years, it was so hard to find pulls that we could make work and finding hinges started to become a problem too.

Then one morning while we were having coffee Ian got up and started to gently bend the hinges ever so slightly to see if that would help at all. 

And you know what?  It totally did, it gave us just that little bit of wiggle room that we needed so that the doors would close normally again!  Isn't it amazing how you can be so much more happy with something when it works properly!

Gotta love a free fix!  Now we just need to touch up the paint on the inside edges.  Oh and about 400 other jobs in this room, but it is coming together!  Although, if truth be told, we can see replacing at least the cabinet doors in our long term plan.  But that is at least five years out so it doesn't count as a "to do" at this point ;) !

Have a great day!

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