Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Fireplace Musings

One blustery morning in February, I sat on the love seat in the living room looking at home decor magazines and enjoying a tea.

And I thought to myself, this is such a lovely spot to sit.  It is sunny and comfy.

There is lots of space for a friend or four.

It is a soothing room, where we while away weekend mornings and late afternoons before we start dinner.

But then I looked across the room and saw this black screen.  This television has not been turned on since we moved into the house, not even once. 

In fact, I unplugged it several months ago as it seemed silly to run power to it.  But I know we might need it one day, when Ian moves home with us and the three of us need a second option for tv viewing.

But I couldn't help just wishing, dreaming that there was a fire place there instead.  How cozy would that be.

So I called Ian, and told him my thoughts.  He said he had been thinking the exact same thing!

So we dreamed about how it might look. And what kind of fireplace we wanted. We have a propane fireplace in the family room that looks like a wood stove, we love how convenient it is, it runs on a thermostat and does it's own thing!   And we love how great it heats the house.  We heat with a combination of this propane stove and electric baseboard heaters.

I so often wish it smelled like a wood burning fireplace though.  But then again I sort of don't.  The smell of old wood smoke is not pleasant.

We debated, wood vs. propane, and settled on the convenience and simplicity of propane.  We seem to be leaning toward simplicity a lot in our old age.

We put the fireplace on our 5 year "to do" list - you gotta pace your self you know!

Then we got to dreaming again and couldn't help thinking of what we might like this fireplace to look like.

Definitely traditional looking, it's just us.  Maybe with some built ins flanking it like this.

Of course our built ins couldn't go all the way up to the ceiling because of our air conditioning unit.  But I am okay with that. Of course in 5 years, that AC unit could be dead and we might just have to have a new one put in - elsewhere!

We also like the idea of glass front built ins, like these. They show off your collections and keep them from gathering dust!

Of course, all this dreaming about fireplace necessitated a Pinterest board to hold pretty fireplace images. And we just may have gotten out the tape measure and made a bunch of notes!  We may have even picked cabinetry styles and sizes to flank it. :)

Before you know it, we had a pretty clear idea of how we wanted this five year plan fireplace to look ;) .

And then we thought, what if, what if we get a quote on the unit itself. And the installation.  But what if we designed the outside ourselves.  Would the company be willing to work with us like that?

Well we just had to find out.  So we popped into our local Napoleon dealer and guess what they said? "We will do as much or as little as you want us to do".  Good answer!

Guess what else we found out?  Fireplaces are on sale, I mean serious sale!

So guess who is getting a quote? Yup, this gal! Stay tuned for more fireplace musings!

Enjoy our day!

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