Thursday, 23 June 2016

Deck Modification Phase 1 | Hot Tub

Hello!  We are in the process of renovating out back deck, so we thought we would pop in and do a bit of sharing.

Here is a photo of the backyard that I snapped while we were having our home inspection before we closed on the house.  We have a large yard that is fenced (albeit an old chain link fence but it works just fine to corral the dogges).  The deck and screen porch are both small spaces so we decided to enlarge the deck as soon as possible.

The existing deck really is only large enough for a BBQ and a few chairs.  Ultimately it would be nice to also have the option of dining out here.

The deck is structurally sound but the flooring was not finished with deck boards and the gaps are far too wide, so resurfacing it is in our plans, too.

We have all of these lovely woods behind us, and trees between the properties, so it is nice and private and quiet back here, a great place to while away some time.

We had been wanting to add a hot tub to our yard, actually a hot tub has been on our wish list for a while now because Ian has a really bad back.  We were super lucky to be given a previously owned hot tub from our daughter-in-law to be's family, a few weeks ago! They inherited it with their house and didn't want it. Of course we jumped at the opportunity!

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Our goal is to add a second lower level onto our deck something like this photo, above.  The new level will house the hot tub and hopefully our patio table and chairs.  But we will not have as many stairs between our two levels. We will also likely use fence boards opposed to lattice to skirt the upper deck.  We are also looking at options other than spindles for the railings.

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We are also liking this style of stairs, we love that they are clean, closed in and that we can add lighting to the risers (it is DARK here at night).

So this past weekend, Ian moved our stairs so that they come straight out from the deck, to accommodate a deck for the hot tub.

The hot tub pad will be about 6 inches wider than the hot tub on all four sides, and will eventually be below our second deck area with the top of the hot tub standing slightly taller than it.


Our yard is not level, in fact we have never had a flat or smooth yard, so we leveled our posts to accommodate the grade. And then framed it out.

Our pup, Ruby Tuesday, likes to be close, she hung out with us for the day even though it was stinking hot and we kept trying to convince her to go in. She did go play in her wading pool a few times, though.

 Once the framing was done we added in supports every 12 inches on centre.

We supported every second one with a deck block for extra strength.

And then we started laying out the decking.

It is exciting to see things start to come together!  After we cut the deck boards to size, we called it a day, it was so hot and Ian had to get ready to go home.  Next weekend we will affix the boards and try to see if we can move the tub into position.


Our little helper was still at it, right to the end!

We can't wait until this phase is done and we can enjoy the tub and add some planting around it, will be sure to share the process!  

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Ian and Laura

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  1. Looks GREAT!!! Lucky-ducks... being given a hot tub!!! Can't wait to see it completed