Friday, 17 June 2016

Exterior Lighting

Boy do we ever have a lot of changes on the go; like new flooring in two of the three upstairs bedrooms, of course neither room is photograph-able at the moment, like converting a craft room to a guest room; also not finished enough to photograph; like adding an office / craft area to our family room - yup you guessed it not ready to photograph that either! Oh and outside, we are prepping to add a hot tub, and an extension onto our deck.  Hopefully I will be able to share some of the process with you soon.

In the meantime, I can share some simple changes that we have made to the front of the house.

We have removed the screen door, as neither of us are fans, but admittedly they do give you an extra line of defense in keeping a bolting dog inside! In my usual non committal style, I asked Ian to take off the screen door but leave on the hardware in case I changed my mind! We will live with it like this for a bit before we make the final decision to leave it off.

We also swapped out the light fixtures, opting for something in a white metal colour with a slight nautical feel.

We bought a third light for the back of the house, it may or may not get installed this year. Ha! You think I am joking?  We did the same thing with our last house and changed the fixture in the back of the house 5 years later when we put it on the market!  We really hope that is not the case with this house!

Here is a little reminder of the front of the house with the old lights and screen door still there. 

We love how much more open and airy the front of the house looks.

We also love that we can now fully appreciate the new door Ian installed last fall!

Thanks for visiting! We hope to be back real soon with a reveal of our second guest room.
Ian and Laura

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