Monday, 27 June 2016

Guest Room 2 Reveal

Hi there!  Today we are sharing a look at our newly finished second guest room. We recently blogged about painting and replacing the flooring in this room here, and about how this used to be a craft room before we decided to create an extra guest room.

This is a tiny little room, but so lovely with great dappled sunlight that streams through the large tree in the front yard.  Being tiny, created a bit of a challenge as we really had our hearts set on two twin beds for this room.  We are happy that we were able to make it work!

The beds are inexpensive unfinished beds from IKEA and were painted in CIL's "Mansard Stone" , the walls are in "Barley Beige" also from CIL, which is much more grey than beige.  The beds do not need box springs, but I think we will watch for a sale and pick up a couple, as the beds do sit a little low.

The little night table was pinched from Timothy's room as we have given him a larger one. It used to be red and received a coat of fresh white paint.

The lamp is a Homesense find. We bought the Matelasse bedspreads from Amazon and the grey blankets are from Sears.

This room has a few small sewing projects.  The pillows on the beds were the jumping off point for the decor and colours.  They were actually originally made for the living room, but they felt more bedroom-y when they were done, so they migrated into this room.  They were created from a tablecloth purchased at IKEA.  Two pillow covers for $15.00 is a great deal in our books!

The curtain has been in our "stash" for a while and is so pretty with the floral pillows.  Actually the pillow has a little inset of the drapery fabric, which helps tie them together nicely.  And speaking of ties, the tie back was also made from the drapery fabric.

We were gifted this sweet memo board a while ago, and it has hung in the craft room ever since.  However, in an effort to save time and not have to do many wall repairs we decided that it would stay in this room.  We love how pretty and cottage-y it feels.  And it is a great place to post the WI-FI password for our guests. Plus it fills up and empty wall.

I used some scraps leftover from the pillows and curtain to make this sweet swag to hang on it.

These frames were also hanging  in this room when it was a craft room, at that time they housed scrapbook layouts.  I painted up a couple of quick little water colour paintingz to insert into them. I decided to add in a pop of green to warm up the space a bit.

Again, these shelves were leftover from the previous decor.  So we shopped the house to find some fun things to adorn them. Sticking with black, white, grey and green it was super easy to pull together an airy look. And nice to put some of these pieces to good use.

We re-purposed this little dresser to give our guests a space to put a few things. We also added in the guest book that we used to keep at our trailer. 

We also re-purposed this little IKEA shelf to hold guest towels and extra blankets, in the closet. (Please ignore the tie dye kit, we picked it up to use with some of our guests that are coming this summer!)

We are super happy with how this space turned out, and cannot wait for it to be used this coming weekend!

Thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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  1. I LOVE it - the extra pieces of fabric tie everything together perfectly!!!
    So inviting