Thursday, 11 August 2016

Deck Modification Phase 2 | Hot Tub

Boy ave we ever been ignoring our little home renovations blog.  But behind the scenes we (well Ian) have been really busy.  And we are also trying to enjoy some summer activities, too!

Today we are sharing phase 2 of the deck modification / hot tub installation.  When we left off last time we blogged about the back deck / hot tub work we were about to finish decking the top of the hot tub pad, wrapping up that project.  With the top of the complete, we were able to put the ot tub into place.

We borrowed this large trailer from a friend to bring the hot tub up to our home by the lake, from where we got it (about 3 hours away).  We could not have done it without this trailer. Ian needed assistance from a hot tub moving company to get it out of the yard it was previously in and onto the trailer.  It was a tight maneuver and so it was money well spent to get it out and onto the trailer in tact. If you are wondering or find yourself in a similar situation, it was $450.00 for the removal.

Once the tub was home and the deck complete, Ian drove the whole thing into our backyard.  We had to temporarily take down an small section of fencing, but it wasn't a bad job at all.

Then he back up to the tub deck, avoiding dropping the truck or trailer into our firepit.

Okay you can see better in this photo that we had to move our deck stairs yet again!

Ian lined up the trailer right to the deck, with a minimal amount of effort.  I do not say this lightly as he really doesn't like backing up with large trailers.

And then he used his legs to push the 800 lbs hot tub onto the deck all by himself!  We do not recommend this but we had little options so he went for it.  You can see in the photo that he was pretty pleased with himself.

But he was thrilled with this... perfectly level!  Awesome!

One more piece of the puzzle is done!

Now we need electricity hook ups and a way to get into it!

Thanks for visiting!
Laura and Ian

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