Saturday, 13 August 2016

Deck Modification Phase 3 | Hot Tub

Hey there!  We are back with phase 3 of the deck remodel today.  This time we are sharing the new section of decking that will join the hot tub to the existing deck.

Last we left off, the hot tub was in place but we did not have an entrance way into it.  So while we waited for the electrician to come to do the wiring, Ian worked on creating a new section of deck.

The railing on the left hand side of the stairs was taken down.  Ian's plan was to create a deck level with the landing that is in the middle (well, off-middle really) of the stairs.

You can get a better idea of the location of where the new section of deck needs to sit, from this picture.

So with the addition of new posts and support beams. Progress was starting to be visible.

It always amazes me how long these projects take, if you say "build a deck extension" really fast it doesn't seem like that big of a deal! ha!

Ian secured the old deck, new deck and the hot tub deck all together with lag bolts to make sure everything was super strong and safe.

Te electrician suggest putting the hot tub in position so that the access panel for the motor faces the old deck / house.  Which is honestly not what we thought to do, and necessitated in Ian needing to rotate the hot tub by himself!

This also means that the new section of deck has to have a removable section to access the motor.

He actually had fun, figuring out how to do this.  He just loves this stuff!

At this point the cross-members were installed on the first section of the deck.

And the landing in the stairs got a facelift and some more support beams.  Now it will match the new section of deck.  The whole deck desperately needs a facelift too, but that is for another day.

We decided to run the decking on the landing the same direction that the stairs run, even though we needed to run the decking for the new section the opposite way.

Once he had a few of the deck boards in, he took a break to work on the stairs.  They were in rough shape, and quite rickety.  We had some company coming with kids, and wanted to make sure no one got hurt.

 Taking things apart and trying to salvage the posts, meant he had to be careful with the dismantle.

It also meant we had to work quickly so that the dogs still had access to the yard.

 The new stairs made a huge difference to the look of the deck never-mind the safety of it.

Next up was creating a removable section of deck, for the access panel, as I mentioned.

Ultimately, Ian decided to create an entire section that will lift out as needed but is well supported underneath.  It worked like a charm!

We love the way the new deck section and stairs look and feel.

 It is going to make for easy access to the tub.

This is about the time that the electrician came in to do the wiring for us.  $1500.00 later, we were ready to fill the tub.  We knew that one of the jets was not working when we got it, we didn't realize that meant we needed a whole new motor.  This model has two motors and the one that needed replacing has two levels, so it was quite expensive to replace.  The new ones run about $800.00, we managed to find a used one for $400.00.  Thankfully Ian was able to change out the motor no problem, so now we are in business!  Time for a fill and a cleaning! Then a drain and another fill!  The tub got christened with it's first use, by our youngest when it was only 67 degrees!  Brrr!

Next up are new railings on the stairs and the front of the new deck. WE also want to re-surface the upper deck and skirt the whole thing.  Add some lighting.  Divide the yard in half so the dogs have their own side when we need to keep them separate. And on and on.....  It is a process for sure!

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Laura and Ian

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