Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Kayak Storage on the Cheap


We know we have been sharing very sporadically this summer, hopefully we will get back into some sort of routine soon.  Today we would like to share our new kayak storage that Ian created for under $30.00.

With just a couple of 2x4's, strong hooks and heavy duty bungee cords, we can keep four kayaks off of the floor of the middle of the garage and easily accessible for when we need them.

The studs in the garage were the perfect distance apart so that Ian could incorporate two into each kayak spot.

He used short pieces of wood to deepen the space between the studs and longer pieces perpendicular to them to add extra support. 

Then he inserted heavy duty hooks into the ends of the shorter pieces, which hold the bungees in place once they are wrapped around the kayaks.

We run one bungee in front of the first kayak, and then stand a second kayak in front of the first and wrap it with a second bungee.

Here is a little bit a pulled back view of it.

The blue kayaks came with two each of these foam pads, for carrying them on top of your car, but they are also perfect to protect the nose of the kayak when they are standing up on their ends.

Even the paddles will tuck in place with the kayaks!

A couple more large hooks hold our kayak wagons on the wall beside them!  We have used these all summer now and they have proven to be a perfect solution!

Sometimes its the simplest and inexpensive options that really are just perfect!

Thanks so much for visiting today!
Ian and Laura

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