Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Deck Modification Phase 4 | Hot Tub

When we last filled you in on our deck renovation, we had replaced the stairs and started building the extra section of decking to access the new hot tub.

Well as you can see we finished the little deck addition, so we now have safe entry into the hot tub.  We picked up a couple of little mesh chairs (perfect for wet bottoms and towels) at our local home store for only $12.50  piece. They weren't quiet what we had in mind, but it was hard to argue to price tag!

And that is pretty much where we left things for a couple of weeks while we entertained guests.

But Ian was really anxious to get going on the rest of the project. You will notice in the "before" photo above, the decking has large gaps.  They were treacherous to anyone sitting in a patio chair, more than one chair leg got sucked down there. So shortly after our guests left, he started working again.

He used a large reciprocating saw to cut down the old deck boards.  Which were not in fact deck boards or even pressure treated lumber. They were 2x6's!  Then he pulled out the boards, working on half of the deck at a time so that we still had access for us and our dogs.

Once all of the floor boards were out, he reinforced the deck by adding in more joists, so they they were 12 inches on centre instead of 24. He also added in some blocking as there wasn't any before.

Because we could only do half the deck at a time, we were also able to save a bit of money by buying 8' deck boards instead of 16 foot.  Plus we could bring them home ourselves and thus saving on delivery charges.

The planking / decking part went pretty quickly and before we knew it he was woring on the second half of the deck.

Following the same process as before, this picture makes me more than a little nervous!

And once again,he was at the decking phase, it takes a lot of time and sweat equity to get the this point, but it is so rewarding.  He keeps telling me he loves this stuff!

And wow, do we ever appreciate that we have no gaps to fall into anymore!

After the deck, he moved on to railings - safety first you know ;) We wanted a change for the balusters.  As you can see in this before photo (below), the existing railings and balusters really restricted our view. In fact the whole deck felt dark and heavy and enveloping.

 So we explored a few options and ended up coming up with this idea. We love the modern / farmhouse / industrial look they add to the deck. Plus they are so open and airy, it just FEELS better.

The only downside is that they are not galvanized, so we had to give them a clear coat of spray paint. But it was a super quick job.

Most of the posts you see are the existing posts, although Ian did add a couple of extra posts.We also maintained the original rim joists.  The only problem was that they were all covered in thirty year old varnish and stain. Yikes.  We used a belt sander to clean them up and then added a coat of  a brown paint on preservative.  This should help all of these pieces last quite a while longer and now they match the new decking!

We have used the deck so much this summer! It was definitely a great idea to stop working inside and move outside for the nice weather!

Next up is skirting, lighting and decor!  We may be in the home-stretch.  Although we are debating on whether or not to call it quits until the spring. We found out we need to replace the flooring in our 575 sq.ft. family room so we do need to move inside soon!

Thank you for visiting!
Ian and Laura

PS anyone want to guess how many screws we used?

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