Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Dining Table Refinishing

Hello and happy fall!

Our much loved dining room table has received a facelift and we would love to share it with you!  We had this table built over a dozen years ago, or so.  The top was made out of 100 year old barn board.  It is beautiful and sturdy and has stood the test of the 90 children that have called our place(s) home, many family parties, holiday dinners, crafting get togethers and a plethora of homework assignments.  It has earned a few scares over the years, but they just add to the patina.

Here is a "before" photo of our dining room which we shared with you last fall.   Over the last couple of years, we noticed that the varnish has "yellowed" making the table look more orange than it did in it's early years.  After talking about refinishing it for a while, Ian decided that the timing was right to work on it one week this past summer.

After taking the table apart he used a belt sander and palm sander to remove the old varnish from it.

It took two days of sanding and fussing over it to get it "naked".  As is often the case, I got the easy job of picking out the paint and stain colours!  You know the "glam" job! As in the job, where I don't stand outside in the heat, covered in saw dust and sweat with tingling hands!  I chose "soft chamois" from Benjamin Moore for the legs and skirt.

We wanted a high quality matte paint, for long life and wash-ability.  This is what they recommended at our local store. Ian says to tel you that it paints on really nice!

 We opted for for an exterior stain (read super durable for a table that is used daily and washed several times a day) in a warm soft grey.  This stain is tint-able in several colours, we chose "Georgetown Grey".

We also decided to give the top a coat of finishing wax, this adds an extra layer of protection and is a fairly quick and easy job to buff on a couple of times a year.

And I have to tell you that we are so in love with the way it turned out.  It is an amazing first step in getting this room looking how we envision it!

It is always a great feeling when things start to come together!  The products for this makeover cost just under $70.00. Not too shabby for a completely different look, and why I always recommend buying "real" wood pieces.  You can easily give them a second life, save money by not replacing them and not add to the land fills.

We are currently on the hunt for new chairs to match the "new" table.  We are thinking of keeping and repainting the two end chairs and adding chair pads of some sort.  Although, I would really like something wicker or upholstered.  We have chairs in mind to replace the back two chairs (which will be re-purposed elsewhere in our home), I am sourcing out the best price. And I am about halfway to convincing Ian that he can and should build me a bench that coordinates with the table to replace the two chairs at the foreground of this photo. Wish me luck!

And hey, thanks for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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