Friday, 9 September 2016

DIY Candle Holder


A couple of weeks ago we went for a drive to check out a few neighbouring small towns / hamlets, one of our goals along the way was to check out this little home decor shop, which actually was quite large.  It is in an old house and there is room after room filled with eye candy!  We picked up a few treasures, one of which was something that Ian had been coveting for quite a while - we will share those things later on. Our son loved that there was an ice cream parlour in one of the little rooms!  Definitely a win for the family!

While there we spied these candle holders, pictured below.  They are cute, and I thought they would be nice in our family room, but they came with a hefty price tag ($90.00 for the trio) and I wasn't sold on the colour (they look green in this photo but are actually quite blue).  I do love it but it doesn't mesh with my colour vision for the room.  So I snapped a quick picture with my phone, hoping that we could recreate them.

A week of so later when Ian was working on the deck some 4x4 post scraps were heading to the trash bin.  Well you know I scooped them right out again!  Ian cut them to size for me, we just sort of eyeballed the heights based on the size of the largest piece. After that we sanded them with a palm sander, next came the fun part of painting and staining.

First we gave them a quick coat of chalk finish paint, in a warm grey by Americana Decor called Primitive.

And then we rubbed on a gel stain in a colour called Weathered Grey.  This stuff is super easy to work with.  You can wipe on and off as many coats as you like, the longer you leave it on before wiping it dry, the more colour the wood takes on.

Then we tapped into our stash of Mason jar lids (yes, it's a thing! ha!) we flipped the rings upside down and the lids right side up and Ian screwed them into place.  We contemplated painting them black via a spray paint, but quickly decided we liked this warm metal colour..  They are perfect for holding pillar candles!

The final step was to wrap the bases with rope, we used small nails to hold either end in place.  Each post was wrapped 9 times, because I have a thing for odd numbers.

The bonus was everything that we needed to complete this project with the exception of the rope, we already had on hand.  Making this a $5.00 DIY!

We love the way they turned out, they will look great in our family room oce it has had it's makeover!

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Ian and Laura

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