Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Deck Modification Phase 5 | Decor and Lighting

Hi there!  We are back with a bit more to share about our deck makeover.


When we left off sharing about our deck makeover, we mentioned that we still had to contend with skirting, lighting and decor.

Since it is nearing the end of the season, we kept things fairly simple as far as decor is concerned for this year.  Just a small seating area and a few potted plants.  We added some toss cushions in bright colours to brighten things up, since our furniture is neutral.

We also added a couple of chairs by the hot tub to catch towels and wet butts, that need to cool off.  We have discovered that we will need to add a gate of some sort in this area, to keep our puppy from jumping into the tub and standing on the control panel!

We are loving the open airy feeling of this area now, and with the addition of the little inexpensive table, we have used this space a whole lot more than we had previously.

It is a great space to sit and watch the woods behind us.

We pulled our barn star that hung in our entry way outside and gave it a coat of spray paint that looks like galvanized metal.  It is perfect for filling up the large space over the barbecue and is not at risk of getting damaged from any heat coming off of it.

We can now say we are almost done!  We have to still add the metal grid at the hand rails, but they are safe for now so this will likely wait until the spring.

We also need to finish skirting the entire deck.

You can see how we have begun this process along the right side of the deck.  We love the look and will be working our way around the deck and under the sun room, adding in an access door so we can store a few things under there and get to wires and pipes.

Again, this is another project that will likely wait until the spring, since Ian is now back at work.

We also added in some lighting along our stairs.  It is dark, dark, dark here at night and running in and out to the campfire was pretty scary for me since I have a visual impairment.  He have some lights hanging around the eaves but the stairs were still pretty dark.

We found these lights at Home Depot and Ian installed them one weekend a few weeks back.

You will have to excuse these photos as they were taken with my IPhone, but you get the idea!

They were really easy to install, requiring first a 1 inch hole to be drilled through the riser of the step.  The kit actually came with a drill bit but it was really cheap and Ian tossed it right away, opting for one he already owned.

After measuring and marking each step in the same spot, he drilled the holes and inserted the little lights.

It didn't take long at all to get all of the lights inserted and the wires hooked up and plugged in under the deck.  It is a simple job, no "electrical" work needed.

 We switched them on to check them out, so pretty!

Ian plugged them in to our outlet that is run by a switch inside the house so they are super easy and convenient to operate.

And boy do they ever give off lots of light!

So much easier to see where we are going at night!

At this point, we are calling the outside work "finished" for this year and will return our focus to the inside.  We have to replace the flooring in our family room, so that will be a project we work on for the next while. It is also desperate for a coat of paint and the trim replaced.  Plus we are busy fixing up our house where Ian stays during the week to get it ready to sell, once he retires at the end of the year.

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Ian and Laura

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