Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Sewing for the Family Room

Hi there!  We crossed something else off of the to do list for the family room! We now have new throw pillow covers, for the warm months and the cool months none the less!

As we mentioned previously, we are going with a red, grey and off white colour scheme for this space, so we sourced our fabrics that would worth within those confines and still be seasonally appropriate.

This is our winter look, warm plaids along with solid red pillows and grey corduroy, too.  (shown below)

We opted for a beautiful cream and red basket weave fabric for the warmer months, still pulling in the solid grey and red pillows, too.

The red covers are from IKEA and the grey ones are from Amazon.  The other pillow covers we created using our no failing process which you can see our tutorial on here.

We haven't started using them yet, as we are waiting to pull the room together first.

Thanks so much for visiting!
Ian and Laura

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